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Virtual school


After ten generations of School of Democratic Leadership and when Academic Council of SDL made decision, 2011 and 2012 were devoted to additional work with alumni from previous generations. Besides large number of specialist trainings, one more possibility for additional education of SDL alumni was opened – Virtual School of Democratic Leadership.
Advantage of this type of work was its accessibility for all of those who had Internet access. It was related to learning and at the same time alumni did not have to be present at lectures at some other place.

Virtual School was organized in ten lessons on topics such as dialogue, corruption, human rights, democracy and democratic order and more other topics prepared by experts with experience in areas that had to be presented.

Lessons with participants were distributed via e-mail (in Acrobat Reader) and then presented at the SDL web site. Each lesson was five to eight pages long, including the information about the literature, additional material, questions for discussion and web links with more information about offered topics.
After the reception of lessons, participants sent questions, comments and opinions about the lesson to the SDL Coordinator within next three days. All of this was sent as systemized to lecturers, and then we sent their replies to participants.

The School was tuition free.

At the end of the School, participants and lecturers fulfilled evaluation. All useful suggestions received on that occasion, are to be taken into consideration during preparations for following activities in the frame of the School.

Overall administration of the School is carried out by the team of Civic Alliance.